Allow peace to be made-Tear down this wall <--

Upcoming Event - Children of Palestine
Saturday, May 3, 2014 1:00 to 4:30 PM

Grace Episcopal Church at 924 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL
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Our Mission: In the spirit of interfaith understanding and cooperation, and with deep dedication to human rights and international law, the Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy advocates for justice and peace in the Middle East, particularly regarding United States policies and actions related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Identity: The Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy (CFCMEP) is comprised of members from diverse Chicago-area faith-based and religiously identified organizations who are concerned about U.S. Middle East policies and committed to working toward a just and enduring peace in the region.


Activities: CFCMEP shares faith-based perspectives on U.S. Middle East policies with government officials and representatives, faith communities, and the public media. It also identifies and evaluates those religious positions that claim to represent, but are far removed from, the central teachings of the major faith traditions and that are detrimental to United States interests in the Middle East. CFCMEP collaborates with others who share its mission.


Conveners: The Rev. Dr. Larry L. Greenfield, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago and Lynn Pollack, Jewish Voice for Peace. Founders and Steering Committee members are listed here.