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Websites & Email Sign Ups
  1. Israeli and/or Palestinian Organizations located in Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem or the West Bank
  2. Ethnic/religious Organizations--Christian
  3. Ethnic/religious Organizations--Jewish
  4. Ethnic/religious Organizations--Arab/Muslim/ Palestinian
  5. Multi-Ethnic/Religious Organizations
  6. Human Rights Organizations
  7. News Sources on Israeli/Palestinian issues
  8. Sign up for emails from organizations
    Most organizations listed above and throughout this website's pages have sign ups for regular email updates. This is one way to learn and stay current on what is happening with regard to Israeli/Palestinian issues. One additional email update source is:
    • epalestine (Sam Bahour - a Palestinian-American living in the West Bank)


  1. Authors residing in Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem or the West Bank
    • Barghouti, Mourid. (2003 ). I Saw Ramallah. Knopf Publishing Group
    • Burg, Avraham.(English translation 2008). The Holocaust is Over We Must Rise From Its Ashes. New York: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN®.
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  2. Authors with faith-based perspectives
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  3. Authors with human rights or academic based perspectives
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  4. Authors witnessing to their experience about Israeli/Palestinian issues
    • Baltzer, Anna. (2007). Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers.
    • Carter, Jimmy. (2006). Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. New York: Simon & Schuster.
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    • Tolan, Sandy. (2006 ). The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew, and the Heart of The Middle East. New York: Bloomsbury.
  1. Bloggers residing in Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem or the West Bank
  2. Bloggers with faith-based perspectives
  3. Bloggers with human rights based perspectives
  1. Arna's Children [DVD] 2004
  2. Children of the Nakba [DVD: 26 minutes] 2005
  3. Chronicles of a Refugee [3 DVDs: 487 minutes] 2008
  4. Coverup: The Attach on the USS Liberty [History Channel DVD: 50 minutes] 2000
  5. Encounter Point [DVD: 85 minutes] 2006
  6. Gaza Strip [DVD: 74 minutes] 2002
  7. Is Peace out of Reach? [CBS 60 minutes: 13 minutes] 2009
  8. Israel-Palestine: A Land in Fragments [YouTube: 2.5 minutes] 2009
  9. Jerusalem: The East Side Story [DVD: 57 minutes] 2008
  10. Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos [DVD: 59 minutes] 2008
  11. Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority [2nd Edition DVD: 90 minutes] 2007
  12. Palestine Is Still the Issue [DVD: 53 minutes] 2002
  13. Peace Not Walls: Making a Difference in the Holy Land [DVD: 28 minutes] 2008
  14. Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: U.S. Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict [2 DVDs: 621 minutes] 2005
  15. Such a Normal Thing: A Simple Journey into the Israeli-Occupied West Bank [DVD] 2004
  16. The Dividing Wall [DVD: 23 minutes] 2004
  17. The Iron Wall [DVD: 52 minutes] 2006
  18. The Presence of Absence in the Ruins of Kafr Bir'im [DVD: 60 minutes] 2008
  19. We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work (unabridged) [CD:240 minutes] 2009 Read by the author Jimmy Carter
Local Events

Local speakers and speakers from around the world present on Israeli/Palestinian issues throughout the year at various Chicago land locations. A calendar listing upcoming events is published here. The Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine (www.cjpip.org) also sponsors several events throughout the school year that address Israeli/Palestinian issues.

Visit Israel/Palestine
  1. Avoid trips that only visit sites in Israel proper and make short side trips to view sites in the West Bank. Be certain that your itinerary includes meetings with two or three of the Israeli/Palestinian peace and justice organizations listed here.
  2. UMKairos Response Holy Land Tour Guide
  3. Interfaith Peace-Builders
  4. Middle East Fellowship
  5. Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
  6. Sabeel
  7. Christian Peacemaker Teams
  8. toursinenglish.com can arrange day trips if you are in Israel/Palestine with limited time or they can arrange longer trips as well.
  9. Many Protestant denominations sponsor trips to Israel/Palestine. Contact the national or regional office of your denomination of interest.
Myths & Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix IV in Anna Baltzer's recent book entitled Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman In The Occupied Territories (2007) is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about Israeli/Palestinian issues. Her comments in this Appendix correct many erroneous assumptions and ideas that have been popularized in American media and are prevalent in American public opinion. You can read, print and download this PDF file here.